Report on Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp

The first Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp in SIBM-Hyderabad was conducted by the Social Entrepreneurship Development Cell on April 29, 2015. It was conducted for the M.B.A. students of 2014-16. The main objective of the Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp was to create entrepreneurial propensity among the students.

Initially I had delivered a two hour lecture on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The following are some of the topics that were covered in the Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp:

  1. 1. Concept of Entrepreneurship

  2. 2. Entrepreneurial Propensity

  3. 3. Entrepreneurial Potential

  4. 4. Categories of Entrepreneurship

  5. 5. Individual Entrepreneurship

  6. 6. Corporate Entrepreneurship

  7. 7. Social Entrepreneurship

  8. 8. Opportunity Identification

  1. 9. Opportunity Assessment

  2. 10. Business Plans

  3. 11. Venture Capital

  4. 12. Angel Investment

  5. 13. Overcoming Deterrents to Entrepreneurship

  6. 14. Ethical issues in Business

  7. 15. Intellectual Property Rights

  8. 16. Team Building

It was followed by a question and answer session during which students got their doubts clarified. It was followed by an in-class exercise, which was designed to develop idea generation skills among the students. The students were divided into teams and asked to generate four business ideas.

The second half of the Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp mainly focused on preparation of business plan, ethical issues in business, and venture capital. I had delivered a one hour lecture on these topics. Next the students were made to write an elementary business plan. A role play with angel investors and venture capitalists was also conducted. Also some industry specific issues in the context of entrepreneurship were discussed.

Lastly a question and answer session was conducted followed by a discussion about the perception of students about entrepreneurship.